About US

I started Independent Drum Lab in 2015 in order to serve drummers in the best way possible.  Better designed drums, built in the USA, marketed with honesty and integrity, and sold and supported directly for better pricing and service.  

It starts with drums designed from the ground up with sound in mind.  Every component is designed to allow our proprietary shells to sing freely and openly,  and to resonate like no drum you have heard before.  

Our factory direct approach allows us to work with you, the drummer, to ensure accurate and thorough product knowledge, unmatched support, and unbeatable value, ensuring that every INDe experience exceeds the expectations of our customers.   

We Are: 

  • Independent of a product legacy that limits our design
  • Independent of price-point driven product development
  • Independent of a "that's how we always have done it" approach
  • Independent of distributor and dealer markups

Our purpose is to support you, the Independent Drummer, with the best designed product, best customer support, and best value available in the drum industry.