Snare Drum Demos!

Finally put together some snare drum demos for our current lineup.  All drums are equipped with Aquarian Texture Coated batter heads, Classic Clear Snare resonant heads, 20 Strand Bronze wires, and Steel 2.3mm Triple flanged hoops.  

As always, recorded with no Studio Tricks, No EQ, no close mics.  We used a Zoom Q8, AT2020 overhead, and a D112 on the bass drum.  Just an honest representation of what they sound like.  Put on some nice headphones and enjoy!  (please forgive my playing!)

5.5x15 Maple

6.5x14 Maple 

5x14 Maple

6.5x14 Black Nickel over Brass

5x14 Black Nickel over Brass

6.5x14 Aluminum

5x14 Aluminum