Introducing our new BR3 Suspension brackets!

The INDe BR3 allows drill-free accessory suspension mounting on nearly any drum!

The BR3 is the newest addition to the lineup of INDe BR series tom & accessory suspension mounting brackets.  This new, patent pending design replaces any lug on nearly any drum, using the existing mounting holes.  It allows drummers to mount toms, convert mounted toms to floor toms, or add accessories to any drum, without drilling additional holes.  The unique spring-steel construction helps isolate the base from the clamp, allowing accessories to resonate freely, without restricting the sound of the drum.  


  • Adjusts to fit lug hole spacings from 1-2"

  • The clamp adjusts to fit mounting 9.5, 10.5, and 12.7mm mounting posts

  • Brass tension rod receiver for smooth tuning

  • Low profile (<2" tall) and low mass (265g)

  • Includes Memory Lock

  • Patent Pending